​Why is a career in energy technology exciting?


​Why is a career in energy technology exciting?

Posted on 05 April 2022

The entire energy sector across the UK now employs an estimated 738,000 people. This figure is comprised of people working in technical roles, like electrical or mechanical engineers, as well as those working in sales, operations and marketing among many others.

But it also includes people employed in tech companies who operate within the energy sector. This cross-section between energy and technology has emerged in the past several years as an exciting area for talented workers to work within companies that really make a difference.

Just why exactly is a career in tech and energy exciting in 2022?

Eco-friendly jobs working towards decarbonisation

One of the main reasons why people choose to work within energy technology today is because of the vital role these jobs play in the global push to net zero emissions by 2050. As evidenced by COP26 earlier last year, decarbonising is of paramount importance in making sure the planet stays habitable for future generations.

Energy technology is crucial to making those aims a reality. By working with companies creating and optimising these innovative solutions, people choosing to take on a career in energy tech are the ones helping to secure a greener environment for everyone.

There are few job opportunities out there that can offer workers the same ability to really make a difference.

Energy tech roles can be flexible and secure

The COVID-19 pandemic shed new light on the importance of a work-life balance and the benefits of hybridised working patterns. Thanks to the nature of energy technology, many roles within the sector can be fulfilled on flexible contracts.

That means working from home days are often available for those who prefer remote working, rather than working in the office every day. Energy technology is also a sector that continues to expand, with new companies and solutions designed and launched on a regular basis.

Because of the vital role energy tech plays in the future of the planet, it’s an area that attracts a lot of investment and support. That means that jobs within energy tech are often secure, particularly for those with experience and the right skillset.

Energy tech is comprised of several innovative career opportunities

Energy tech is an exciting sector because it offers several different opportunities for employees.

Data, and the tools necessary to collate, visualise and analyse data, are more important than ever for energy companies worldwide. There are therefore many different energy technology roles focused on data, from data engineers to architects for these solutions.

Regardless of where you’d prefer to fit in, energy technology roles are exciting because they all allow you to work within an innovative, ever-expanding field. Energy technology today is at the very cutting-edge of the wider technology sector, meaning you’ll be able to work on enriching projects on a regular basis.

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