Press Release: Women in Tech Employer Awards


Press Release: Women in Tech Employer Awards

Posted on 20 June 2023

​Correla Receives Acclaim at the Women in Tech Employer Award

Correla, a leading SaaS and managed services company committed to fostering diversity and inclusivity is thrilled to announce that it has been the recipient of the Best Employer Benefits award at the prestigious Women in Tech Employer Awards. The accolade highlights Correla's unwavering commitment to supporting and empowering its female workforce through comprehensive and progressive employee benefits programs.

The Women in Tech Employer Awards, an initiative dedicated to celebrating outstanding achievements in gender equality within the technology industry, serves as a benchmark for excellence in creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. This esteemed recognition reflects Correla's dedication to championing equality, providing exceptional employee benefits, and cultivating an atmosphere of growth and fulfilment for its female employees.

Correla’s application for the award concentrated on the People strategy of offering widespread significant benefits to employees to retain and hire the best and diverse range of talent. Correla knew they had to attract, hire, retain and develop talented people. Building on our legacy benefits, they started to shape a distinct ‘Correla People’ brand through new, enhanced, and innovative benefits. As a result, in 2022, 51% of hires were female with 28% of them going into Tech roles.

The judges of the Women in Tech Employer Awards commented “It was clear that lots of strategic planning had gone into their benefits policy”. One judge remarked that 26 weeks of paid parental leave is generous, especially for a new company, and they also loved that they offer mentoring and caregiving support.

Correla's commitment to offering comprehensive employee benefits reflects its core values of fostering work-life balance, personal growth, and employee well-being. By prioritising the needs and aspirations of its workforce, Correla has cultivated an inclusive culture where diversity is celebrated, and every employee has the opportunity to thrive.

"We are immensely honoured to be recognised for the Best Employer Benefits at the Women in Tech Employer Awards," said Maggie Fox, Head of People Services, Wellbeing and Reward at Correla. "We firmly believe that an inclusive and diverse workplace is not just a matter of representation but an essential ingredient for innovation and success. This award acknowledges our continuous efforts to create an environment where all our colleagues but especially our female employees feel supported, empowered, and inspired to reach their full potential."

Correla's comprehensive employee benefits package includes but is not limited to:

Flexible Work Arrangements: Correla offers flexible working hours, hybrid working, uncapped leave and alternative work schedules to empower employees to balance their personal and professional lives effectively.

Professional Development Opportunities: Correla invests in the growth and development of its female employees through mentorship programs, coaching and attaining professional qualifications and numerous training workshops.

Health and Wellness Programs: With a strong emphasis on employee well-being, Correla provides a range of health and wellness initiatives, private healthcare, mental health support, as well as menopause and carers support including leave.

Family-Friendly Policies: Recognising the importance of family, Correla offers 26 weeks of paid gender-neutral parent leave for pregnancy, adoption, surrogacy and fostering, childcare support, and flexible parental leave policies to ensure a supportive and inclusive environment for working parents.

Correla's achievement of the Best Employer Benefits award further underscores its commitment to gender equality and inclusivity within the technology industry. As a responsible corporate citizen, Correla will continue to pioneer initiatives that foster diversity, provide equal opportunities, and inspire the next generation of female tech leaders.

For more information about Correla and its commitment to creating an inclusive workplace, please visit Correla | Working For Correla.

About Correla
Correla is a leading SaaS and managed service company dedicated to transforming the energy supply chain through innovative solutions. With a focus on diversity and inclusion, Correla fosters an inclusive work environment and empowers employees to reach their full potential. Committed to powering change, Correla creates applications which serve the need of the customer to help the energy industry reduce carbon, complexities and costs. To learn more, visit Correla | Home Page

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